Thursday, August 2, 2012

Date format in iNotes 8.5.x

iNotes is a rather wonderful thing.  It integrates nicely with Sametime and whatnot but what had frustrated me for some time was the date format in users' Inboxes.

The date was in American format MM-dd-yyyy and we wanted dd-MM-yyyy.
Granted, a user can change this for themself but this is not what I want, dammit!

Anyway, after some searching around in conjunction with the excellent scanEZ from Ytria, I stumbled upon the following solution.

Create a button with the following formula

  Select the appropriate Mail Policy Settings document (assuming you've already got one) and click your button.

The next time the mail policy is applied, the default date setting will be be dd-MM-yyyy for the users that use that Mail Policy Settings document.

To further explain this, a user's setting in iNotes are (mostly) controlled by a profile document in their mail file called inotesprofile.

There are a number of fields in this profile document that don't have a corresponding UI setting in the Mail Policy Settings document.

To set the field, prefix it with $DWA, so in relation to the above code the field DateFormat in the inotesprofile document will be set to dd-MM-yyyy.

To determine how the setting is applied prefix the field with $DWA and suffix it with $UP.  So, as above $DWADateFormat$UP is set to 2 in the Mail Policy Settings document.  This equates to the setting Set value and prevent changes

If you require a different setting, use the mapping below:
  • Don't set value - set the $DWADateFormat$UP to "1"
  • Set initial value - set the $DWADateFormat$UP to "3"
  • Set value whenever modified - set the $DWADateFormat$UP to "5"
  • Set value and prevent changes - set the $DWADateFormat$UP to "2"


  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the interesting article.
    And also thanks for mentioning Ytria software (I work for the company). Just wanted to say the product's name is 'scanEZ'. We've noticed a LOT of people call it EZ-Scan (maybe it's catchier? reminds folks of Easy Off, the oven cleaner?), but in any event you probably won't find much info online searching for that term. Here's the product's Website:

  2. Hi Peter, sorry for the error, I've updated the post


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