Thursday, August 13, 2009

Generic NotesURL

I found this info valuable the other day.

There are generic NotesURL values for launching standard databases in Lotus Notes.

They are:
  • User's mail file -- Notes:///0000000000000E00
  • User's address book -- Notes:///0000000000000E01
  • User's subscriptions -- Notes:///0000000000000E02
  • User's bookmarks -- Notes:///0000000000000E03
  • Current database -- Notes:///0000000000000000
So, for example, if I needed to create a generic table of links to these items, I wouldn't need to calculate the correct NotesURL for each user.

Where I found it useful is, creating a widget from current context and then replacing the NotesURL with Notes:///0000000000000E00/viewName?OpenView

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