Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crunchbang First Steps

Ok, got Crunchbang installed. With its lightweight windowing system it certainly "feels" quicker but maybe that's because I want it to.

Everything seems to have been installed and provisioned, wireless card found in the laptop, WPA enabled. All good and fairly straightforward so far.

The only thing I've had trouble with is connecting to my NAS.

After a bit of digging around on the forums I found this post

So far I can't get the SMB browsing to be available on startup. I think it's something to do with the wireless connection being established after the startup script runs so...
...what I've done in the meantime is create a script with the line:
smbnetfs ~/network

I then run this script manually after my wireless connection has been established.

Not perfect but a good start.


  1. How did you enable WPA?

  2. It found my Wireless Card automatically and enabled WPA.

    I've had this issue before with wireless cards and Linux. Unfortunately the only way around it (at the time) was to downgrade the wireless router to using a WEP key (I know, I know) and put MAC filtering on.

    Unfortunately MAC filtering makes adding devices to the network a pain but without it WEP key encryption is not the most secure.

    As always it becomes a trade-off between ease of use and security


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